Friday, July 31, 2009


I hesitate to write about the following subject but have no other way to get this off my chest. Sunny just won't listen to me anymore and seems to be in the clutches of an addiction.

Sunny and I first purchased some in St Maartin on the street and little did I know she had gone back several times more without my knowledge to get more. As we travel through the islands people are always selling and we have even gotten some for giving a guy a ride across the cut in Rodney Bay. Sunny was doing one every other day or so and until recently I thought she was just relaxing and enjoying herself. Today however I realized she was really going over the edge when she rolled out the biggest one I had ever seen. I had some of it and to be honest I was never much of a fan before, but this was really good. I asked her where she got it and she said to take her to the beach. As we arrived at the beach next to the outdoor market, I began to wonder what I was going to do with her when we got home. Hopefully this was a phase.

As we entered the market through the back door a couple young Rastas were just getting baked. Sunny pointed to one of them and said, "This is Jimmy my supplier."

Jimmies eyes were completely dilated and he smelled of weed. "Respect", he said.

Sunny told him she wanted more and that she had money. Jimmy slowly got up, gave me a fist bump and said, "Ri oher ere mon". We followed him over to a table in the front of the store and it appeared he had just received a new shipment of some really good stuff. Sunny, knew immediately what she wanted and grabbed two hand fulls. She gave him a bit of cash, he thanked us and out we went.

Sunny was smiling from ear to ear as she proudly inspected her giant mangoes. They are the best we've seen so far and she can't get enough.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


So we decided to get out of Rodney Bay finally and we made the long 4 mi journey south to the Capital city of Castries. The anchorage is at the head of the bay along the side of the main road leading into town and is quite a busy road. The anchorage itself is about 20-30 feet deep and except for us and a couple tugs rafted together it was quiet and deserted.

Sunny decided to drop the side shades down on the boat and since it was hot she was wearing her bikini. As she was tying the shade to the rail the boat swung close to shore say within 50 feet or so and she looked up to see a man driving along staring at her. He seemed completely oblivious to the fact he had just cut across the oncoming lane, over the sidewalk and was in midair above the water before he realized what he was doing. Sunny was screaming the whole time but it was too late.

Splash!!! Driver and all went for a swim. Another man dove in from shore to save the driver. Sunny screamed for me to get the camera but I elected to launch the dinghy instead to help. As I approached the truck was still floating in the water with both the driver and good Samaritan clinging to the outside of it. Suddenly, as the water crept over the top of the open door windows the truck went vertical and headed for the bottom. Luckily it missed our anchor.

The two men swam to shore and it appears there were no injuries. The rest of the day we had about a hundred people and a traffic jam in front of the boat as the Port Police kept locals from jumping in the water to "rescue" items from the truck. A dive crew eventually made it as did a tough old wrecker which probably looked old in the 60's. Eventually the truck was pulled up and the crowds moved on, but it was quite an evening at our "quiet" little anchorage.

We may have to observe the 3 mile limit in regards to the bikini as well. Way to go Sunny!