Sunday, June 27, 2010

Quick Update

Unlike many of our friends who have no access to the net at this time we are swimming in it and still haven't got the decency to do an update.

We are still in Spaanse (Spanish) Water Curacao and are putting the boat up for the summer.  The simple fact is, we are a bit homesick for some Seattle summer.  The summers down here are just brutal.  We are going to take a month long trip to South Korea as well, and then fly to Texas for Aileen's basic graduation and then back to Curacao to make a (hopefully) quick exit, west to Cartagena in time for Christmas. 

This year our cruising has been very curtailed for no other reason than we just decided to hang out and enjoy.  We have both decided this style of cruising is not working in our favor and have vowed to change our ways next season.  We will not stay anyplace that does not hold our interest and I think an easy way to decide that is by the number of photos we take on a daily basis.  We've taken none recently and it is due to the fact we have seen this place.  Time for a change.

On a sad note, a dear member of our crew has died and left us a bit sad.  Pebbles was a great dog and faithful companion to our family for many years.  Were sure she is sleeping on a big fluffy cloud somewhere. 

We will try and keep things moving along here anyway and as always I promise to do better.