Sunday, February 14, 2010


Carnival here in Bonaire is a very different animal than what we have seen before.
It is a very family oriented event compared to the last couple we have attended. 
No really loud sound trucks with skads of loosley clothed ladies hanging out of every opening.  No chest pounding Soca.  No whining or stab dancing either. 
The costumes are much more elaborate and it seems the participants put a lot of effort into their themes.  The speaker systems on the band trucks were so much smaller than anything we have seen in the past but they got the job done. 
It kind of reminds me of a local town parade and that is what this place is anyway.  Bonaire the island consists of about 15,000 locals and about 10,000 tourists.
It has a small town feel and the people are quite nice.  The language is all over the place and combines words from Dutch, Spanish, English and local dialects.  Impossible for me to understand.  Bonairians are fiercely proud of their island and it is reflected in how clean they keep it. 
The water surrounding the island is crystal clear with reef just off the beach which drops steeply within a few hundred meters from shore making this island an incredible dive destination.  Here the sea is rich in fish and I don't remember seeing so many turtles. See the lap pool in front of us.