Friday, March 19, 2010

Blowing Bubbles

We have made no effort whatsoever to move since arriving in Bonaire.  The island has been great and Sunny was getting a bit homesick so I sent her packing off to Memphis to visit her sister.  She was able to drive to Georgia and visit Bonnie and William in their new home.  Looks pretty swanky.  Aileen also flew from Seattle to meet her and they drove from Memphis to Georgia again to see William and to see if Aileen would enjoy the Airforce life.  Aileen has such a gift for language and it would be a shame for her not to use it. The education in the military for languages is second to none.  Sunny was able to retrieve all the stuff we have been ordering over the last couple of months so it is like Christmas onboard now.  We have all sorts of gizmos that need to be installed so I am quite busy.
While Sunny was away I decided to get certified for scuba.  I was going to do it years ago in Seattle but the time and logistics never came together. Here the school is off the front of the boat and the classroom is actually underneath it.  Pretty easy commute.  After the course was finished I asked Sunny if she might like it and she said yes.  So I ordered all the gear and had it shipped to her in Memphis just before she flew back.  When she arrived she got to do a discovery dive where the instructor basically has to hold her hand but there is only a couple hours of class and pool time involved.  Long story short she loved it.
Now she is in the process of getting certified as well.  This should add a new layer to our experiences at sea.  Learning a new skill is always a good thing.