Sunday, October 11, 2009

Moving on

The time has come to stop hiding from the hurricanes. Grenada has proved to be a wonderful place to spend the summer. It has been hot but the summer trades, great bays and the people of Grenada have made it a real pleasure. Not to jinx the season here but the weather has been much calmer than we could have hoped for. We were only in contact with three lows since June and none of them were tropical. Meaning we got some wind and a bit of rain but nowhere near the intensity of a cold front on the US east Coast. We were fortunate to meet many great and interesting people. The dark side of cruising is of course that we all go in separate directions and staying with your buddies usually proves too onerous a job. The wind blows differently on each boat. For us the wind seems to be pushing us to Trinidad which is about 80 miles due south. We intend to do an overnight passage so as to arrive in Trinidad no sooner than 0800. Customs is notoriously snotty in Trinidad and they probably get trained by the US Customs which we have found to be the most inhospitable agents so far. With luck we won't hit any oil rigs or encounter any pirates. Yes they do exist. We hope to do some shopping and meet some old friends who summered in Tinidad instead of Grenada. Hopefully we will find someone who would like to try the Orinoco River. Stay tuned we hope to have some fun this year and hope to dramatically improve on our photography skills.

As we prepare to weigh anchor we would like to say thanks for a great summer Grenada. You are a true Caribbean jewel.

Sunny and the ladies out on a lunch date.

Sunny and the ladies keeping hydrated?

Sunny and Jane sharing a lunch at the beach.

Chili float. Hal of "s/v Main Bris" invited all to join him for a dinghy float. Hal provided the chili and the guests provided the toppings. MMMM

Getting educated: Helped tutor kids who needed extra help in school. Not sure who learned the most here. Some really great kids.

Sunny had her hands full tutoring this young girl. She may have met her match.