Thursday, January 13, 2011

Update from Colombia

Cartagena proved to be a great destination and we had a great time. Christmas and new Years were filled with plenty of city wide celebrations and we had a great Christmas holiday with friends on Reach and Lions Paw. All three admirals cooked the meal and it was extraordinary. After all that food it's time to get back in the water and get some long needed exercise though. We have since moved on and are now in Cholone where we enjoyed a very nice happy Hour aboard M/V Manatee.

Cholone is a great anchorage as it is protected and fairly bug free. The wind comes up in the afternoon and cools things off very nicely. I spent time cleaning the hull of the boat yesterday and it was unbelievable the number of barnacles which have attached themselves in Cartagena. The paint is only a month old and instead of repelling growth it seemed to attract it. I think we may at some point soda blast these hulls and just use tin based paint. So long as we stay clear of the US EPA we'll be fine. Interestingly though, I was accompanied by catfish as I cleared the barnacles. Some of them are fairly good sized but I don't have high expectations of them tasting good. Tried to get on the reef yesterday but it was very choppy and surged profusely so called it quits after only a few minutes. Perhaps I better do that in the am.

We plan to be here for a week or two and then perhaps on to the Rosarios proper. Nice to finally be away from the noise and pollution of the city and just take it easy for a while

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