Monday, August 10, 2009


This is an interesting way to start the day. At around 5am we were awoken a mile offshore at anchor by the sounds of Soca music blaring across St. Georges Grenada from a truck and trailer who's only purpose is to haul a generator large enough to power all the speakers they can load on. We quickly got up and put on our dingiest clothes as we were informed they might not make it back in one piece. ( Good advice)

Once we made it to town it wasn't long before we started seeing some strange characters.

We soon encountered an army of Devils or jab jabs.

They are covered in used motor oil. If you upset one, you will be covered as well.

Following them are more of the same sort of people but luckily they are covered in paint which is much easier to clean.

They dance down the street drinking rum and giving lot's of hugs.

Sunny wasn't too keen on the whole messy part of this festival.

As soon as the news crew showed up she was all smiles again.